There is something so rewarding about remodelling old jewellery, taking unworn pieces and transforming them to be worn and loved once again! This one was so lovely. A 9ct hinged bangle was inherited by the customer from her mother. It was kept safely in a drawer for a number of years unworn. She came to me with the idea of making three pendants for herself and her two sisters.

The bangle had an intricate engraved floral pattern. I cut three pieces of the pattern out carefully to use in the new pieces of jewellery. Then divided up the rest of the bangle, melted it down and formed three discs. I soldered on the engraved pieces I had saved, preserving a little of their mothers bangle. Then all that was to be done was to clean them up and solder on the link to attach them to a chain.

The result was three disc pendants, similar but subtly unique in the difference in the floral patterns on each one. A pendant for each daughter that honours their mothers piece of jewellery.

Some process shots...

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