This collection is inspired by those misty, cloudy days that are so still and quiet. A very particular kind of weather that we call “a grand soft day”! Some pieces feature a whimsical soft cloudy texture while others incorporate a gold raindrop pattern.


The cloudy pieces were first hand carved in wax and cast in either silver or 9 carat gold. This is a process called “lost wax casting” which is an ancient technique of casting metal that although modernised is still used widely today. The wax models are fixed to a wax tree like structure then plaster is poured over it to make a mould. The wax is melted out of the mould and molten metal is poured in. The mould is then disintegrated and you’re left with the ‘tree’ in metal. The pieces are then cut off the tree structure and are ready to be cleaned up and finished. Posts are soldered onto earrings before everything is sanded and polished to perfection!

The raindrop texture is created by hand stamping into gold sheet with a handmade custom stamp which is hammered into the metal. The shape needed is then cut out of the gold sheet and inserted into the silver pieces.

Metal stamping
Metal stamp sample

I hope you enjoyed reading about how these pieces were made. Take a look at the entire collection by clicking the button below! 

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