Measure Your Ring Size At Home

There are a couple of ways to determine your ring size at home. Take a look at the following options to see which suits you.

Option One

Use a strip of paper or string. Wrap it around your finger where the ring will sit, making sure it’s snug but still slides over the knuckle. Mark where the end meets with a pen. Then lie it flat and measure it with a ruler. That will give you the circumference of the inside of the ring. Use the chart below to get your ring size letter. Or pop the measurement you got in the box at checkout.

Option Two

If you already own a ring that fits the finger you would like to wear your new ring on, simply place that ring on a ruler and measure the inside of the ring at the widest points. This will give you the inside diameter of the ring. Use the chart below to get your ring size letter. Or pop the measurement you got into the box at checkout.

Option Three

Purchase one of our handy reusable ring sizers to gauge your accurate ring size at home.

The Multisizer works like a belt. Simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape.

Slip the ring sizer on to your finger and adjust to give a comfortable fit, checking that it slips back over the knuckle.

The sizer is packed in an instructional envelope.

ring size conversion table

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